Roofing Errors

The roof is one of the most critical parts of your home as this protects your most invaluable assets-your family and your possessions. If anything goes wrong with such covering, the welfare of the entire house can be compromised. Damaged or inefficient roofs can impair energy efficiency and temperature stability of the house interior; it can significantly reduce curb appeal and resale value. It can even harm you, your family, and the rest of the property as it can no longer provide the needed protection against environmental elements and extreme weather conditions.

Hence, it is a must to continuously preserve the quality of this structure so it can continue performing its function. Regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance should be observed. Moreover, necessary replacements should not be forgotten.

In getting roof repairs and replacements, expert home builders suggest all property owners should seek professional help only from the most reputable service providers. Through that, costly and distressing roofing mistakes can be avoided, and the well-being of the family and the property will not be put at risk. To appreciate the role of such skilled professionals, here are some roofing errors that are more likely to be committed without their help.

The most common amongst all is misalignment. Since home crowns are situated at the top portion of houses, amateur workers find it hard to install roofing materials efficiently. They struggle in putting shingles in place, especially if they have no plan or system for the actual execution, or if they do not observe a definite workflow. Thankfully, such can be avoided with the help of the most reliable roofing companies in Lubbock TX.

Such contractors have been doing their jobs for years; hence, they have gained valuable experience and knowledge in their field. Roofing Lubbock homes is already an easy task for them as they do their repair and replacement tasks in the most efficient ways possible. With their professional assistance, homeowners can also be spared from the problems of incorrect nailing, inadequate overhangs, inefficient ventilation, installation, and shingle exposure, as well as the omission of starter course–an essential element in roof bases.

Above all, these roofing companies in Lubbock TX can grant their most valued clients with peace of mind as most of them provide guarantees that can last up to ten years. Meaning, these contractors will give free service for any faults that they have accidentally committed in their workmanship. Homeowners can truly have peace of mind that their properties and families are covered with the most effective form of protection.

Top 3 Common Commercial Roofing Problems

There are a few problems more common than others that commercial building owners should be looking out for. It is important to inspect your commercial buildings roof on a regular basis so you can catch any problems as soon as they occur. Commercial roofing damage that is neglected and not repaired right away can cause a larger and more expensive problem to fix. While inspecting your buildings, look out for any inconsistencies or signs of possible damage. Here are the three common problems we see most frequently and what you should be looking out for in your inspection.

1)Standing Water
Allowing standing water to sit on the top of a roof can cause algae or mold buildup, leakage, the weakening of roofing materials, and ultimately a sagging or collapsing. It can be caused by blocked drains or an inconsistency in the shape of the rooftop. At Nolands Roofing, we have fixed many standing water issues by creating a flat and even roofing surface with quality materials.

2)Punctures or Penetrations
Upon inspection of your roof, if you notice punctures in the roofing material, give us a call right away to repair the damage. Holes like this can cause water leakage and an increased energy bill for the building. These holes can be caused by an intense storm, debris flying in the wind, or tree branches that have made contact with the roof. If there are trees hanging over the roof of the building, be sure to get them trimmed. They could be the culprit for a damaged or punctured roof.

3) Loose Materials
An ideal time to inspect your roof would be on a windy day. This will allow you to notice if there are roofing materials that are loose and uplifting in the wind. These loose materials are not helping with the protection a roof should provide. Your roof should be completely wind resistant and if its not, a repair needs to be made as soon as possible.

Nolands Roofing has been a dedicated Orlando commercial roofing contractor since 1995. We have helped many commercial building owners to repair or replace their roof in a timely manner with quality materials. If you suspect your roof needs a repair or replacement, give us a call today.

As an experienced commercial roofing contractor in Orlando, we have seen how the brutal Florida elements can affect commercial roofing in the area.

Detecting and Repairing Hail Damage to Roofs

The roofs of our homes could quite easily be considered the most important part of our homes too. Often times we take for granted the protection and security our roofs offer until a problem arises, but once the problem is present it consumes our thoughts. It is important to be aware of a huge enemy to our roofs, hail. Being educated on the signs of hail damage, and the actions to take if hail damage is present can be a big time and money saver.
To being with, never believe the hype of hail proof roofs! There is no such thing; no roof is completely safe from a beating of ice chunks. There are roofs on the market that hold up better to hail than other types, but never believe your roof is 100 % resistant. Composite and asphalt shingles are two of the most widely used types when roofing residential properties. Both of these types are also susceptible to hail damage, therefore homeowners should be educated on detecting hail damage.
Each homeowners insurance policy is different; therefore you should be conscious of how the policy handles hail damage. Some insurance companies give you up to a year to make a claim, while others give you less time. Keep this in mind so you make the claim within the time period, otherwise you could be paying out of your own pocket. Know what your policy covers and how to file a claim before you have to deal with hail damage.
Do not believe that if none of the shingles are missing your roof is fine. High winds are what cause missing shingles, not hail. Hail damage is harder to detect than just missing shingles, and with an asphalt roof the task can become even harder.
If you believe the hail storm could have caused any damage, the first thing you should do is photograph the property while hail is still on the ground, making sure the date is present on the photo. Your next photo should be of the entire roof. If your roof and house appear to be in good condition after the storm, it is still important to save these pictures incase something does go wrong.
The following day, or after the roof has had time to dry and all water has run off the roof, inspect the area near where the gutters drain. Look for an abundance of the granules that cover the asphalt shingles. Every few days the homeowner will need to climb onto the roof and look for weathered areas on the roof. If hail damage has occurred, the hail will have loosened the granules from the asphalt shingles, these areas will begin to take on a weathered look. Photograph these areas.
Once you find evidence of hail damage in the form of weathered hailstone size spots on your shingles, it is time to get a professional opinion concerning detecting and repairing hail to roofs. Many roofing companies offer free inspections. A homeowner can combine a professional’s inspection report with the photographs and submit the material to an insurance company.